Sue Painter

sue painterA successful serial entrepreneur and small business coach, Sue Painter is a mentor to small business owners throughout the U.S. and overseas. Known for her quick insight, strong skills as a marketing strategist, and wisdom about how to build your confidence along with your income, Painter most loves to work with small business owners who know they have to stretch personally to grow a business.

Sue & Bill Painter, married for 45 years

Sue & Bill Painter, married for 45 years

Her books, articles, and blog posts have been published world-wide and she is a 3 time best selling author on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Sue is a certified Book Yourself Solid coach and one of 2 coaches, along with Ali Brown, who coached for Ali’s Elevate program.

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How They Met

Learn more about Sue and Bill Painter and how they met in the brief audio below:




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