Danielle Miller

danielle millerDanielle Miller is a brand stylist and strategist who works with women entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and intrapreneurs to help them craft a distinctive, memorable, and resonant brand that empowers them to show up and stand out as who they are; not who they should be. The bestselling author of Smartypants Branding: The Ultimate Guide for Women Entrepreneurs to Getting Recognized, Being Remembered and Making More Money in Business; she writes, speaks, and teaches about the undeniable power of branding in the digital age.

Benjamin and Danielle Miller, married 31 years

Benjamin and Danielle Miller, married 31 years

She has shared the stage with brilliant women such as Martha Stewart, Arianna Huffington, and Sara Blakely, and has been featured in FitSugar, Lip Gloss Culture, and The Entrepreneur Gazette, as well as numerous radio and podcast interviews. Using her unique blend of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy, she helps amazing women craft a brand that is legendary, iconic, and remarkable.



How They Met

Listen to the audio below to learn more about Danielle and how she and her husband met.





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