Allyson Chavez

allyson chavezAllyson Chavez is a miracles and transformation mentor and energy practitioner, specializing in teaching others how to make miracles and transform their life. Using the SimplyHealed TM method of energy work, Allyson quickly locates the false, limiting beliefs that are holding people back and keeping them playing small in their life. By removing these blocks and then reprogramming the mindset from mediocrity to miracles, clients can much more quickly and easily hold the vibrations that lead to transformation, and ultimately create miracle after miracle after miracle. And by educating her clients about the correct way to use immutable universal laws of creation, they are empowered to live life on their terms.

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How They Met

Allyson and Jeremy Chavez, married 19 years

Allyson and Jeremy Chavez, married 19 years

Listen to Allyson and Jeremy’s “How We Met Story” below:



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