Featured Entrepreneurs

Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting & content agency that helps businesses convert better, rank higher and make more sales. Since 1999, she has created several products including the popular e-courses "Ecommerce Copywriting," "Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategies" and others. Her company has contributed to the search engine and sales success of organizations including Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association, Entertainment.com and hundreds of Amazon sellers. Karon is a speaker at Internet Retailer, Search Marketing Expo, NAMS and Internet Summit and always draws big crowds as she teaches about writing for the web, Amazon & SEO.

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Jennifer Youngblood

Jennifer is the author of several novels (including bestselling Stoney Creek, Alabama) and one children’s book. She co-writes with her mom, Sandra Poole. Jennifer grew up in rural Alabama and loved living in a town where “everybody knows everybody.” Jennifer has B.A. in English and Social Sciences from Brigham Young University. In addition to her love for writing, Jennifer enjoys working in the home design industry. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and spends her time writing, carpooling, attending basketball games, and doing all of the wonderful things that make up the life of a busy wife and mother.

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Courtney Beardall

Courtney Beardall lives with her family in Northern Wyoming. If you don’t find her in her healing room, you will find her on a mountain top with her kids or exploring something new. Learning is a life long process and she is always looking for new and better ways to incorporate science, biology and spiritual laws. She is the creator of Investigating health, an energy modality that incorporates all aspects of the human body, including hormones, chemicals, structure, physiology and behavioral disorders. She teaches online courses in energy healing.

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Gina Parris

Gina Parris is a peak-performance speaker and the founder of Built To Win Coaching, where she helps you Win Your Game & LOVE your life! Gina works with athletes and other high-stressed professionals, so they can thrive under pressure at work and at home. Gina combines her background in sports performance, Christian ministry, energy therapy and strategic intervention to help her clients break through their slumps and reach their potential on and off the field. Gina & her husband Paul have been married for 26 years, they’ve raised 4 kids and they live outside Nashville, TN, with their twin boys & a rescued pit bull.

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Paula Scardamalia

Paula Chaffee Scardamalia, dream consultant for PEOPLE magazine, Country edition, is a book coach and a dream and tarot intuitive. Since 1999, Paula's taught writers how to use intuitive tools like dreams and tarot to write stories from the deepest part of their imaginations. She's taught at small private workshops and at both regional and national conferences, and leads intimate writing and dream retreats. Paula regularly coaches clients on developing their books and their writing careers. She lives in an 1840's Greek Revival farmhouse in the foothills of the New York Catskills with her husband Bob and is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two grandsons. Her dining room is pink in an effort to balance out all that male energy.

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Sue Painter

A successful serial entrepreneur and small business coach, Sue Painter is a mentor to small business owners throughout the U.S. and overseas. Known for her quick insight, strong skills as a marketing strategist, and wisdom about how to build your confidence along with your income, Painter most loves to work with small business owners who know they have to stretch personally to grow a business. Her books, articles, and blog posts have been published world-wide and she is a 3 time best selling author on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Sue is a certified Book Yourself Solid coach and one of 2 coaches, along with Ali Brown, who coached for Ali’s Elevate program.

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Nicole Dean

Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, and a Business Consultant to really smart and successful people. Her goal is to help you Awesomize your Business, Awesomize your Life, and Awesomize the World. That’s her perfect recipe for success. Miss any of those three areas and you may find yourself a martyr if you’re not taking care of yourself, a missionary if you’re not profit-focused, or you may feel meaningless if there’s no bigger purpose to your day. Her passion for creating active and passive streams of income has helped her lead her students by example when mentoring them to greater profits.

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Dorothy Whitfield

Dorothy Whitfield is a holistic love coach, author of forthcoming book 'Naked Sex', and the founder of Oh Yes Love. She is fiercely committed to helping women live bold and love bold so they can overcome the love blocks that keep them from loving themselves, recognizing their worth, and receiving the love that they desire. Dorothy believes that when you love your life and love your love life you come into powerful alignment with who you were created to be.

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Kellie Frazier

After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with what she calls a miracle. She published 8 books, contributed to other best selling books, interviewed hundreds of successful people about relationships and grew closer to God. Kellie’s been featured on HuffPostLive, CBS/CNN Radio, BabyBoomer Radio and many other forms of media that include Periscope, Teleseminars and Live Events. A devoted wife and mother for 33 years, she loves people, adventure, entrepreneurship and The Kellie Frazier Kindergarten School in Masaka Uganda that helps feed, clothe and educate needy children.

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Danielle Miller

Danielle M Miller is a brand stylist and strategist who works with women entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and intrapreneurs to help them craft a distinctive, memorable, and resonant brand that empowers them to show up and stand out as who they are; not who they should be. The bestselling author of Smartypants Branding: The Ultimate Guide for Women Entrepreneurs to Getting Recognized, Being Remembered and Making More Money in Business; she writes, speaks, and teaches about the undeniable power of branding in the digital age. She has shared the stage with brilliant women such as Martha Stewart, Arianna Huffington, and Sara Blakely, and has been featured in FitSugar, Lip Gloss Culture, and The Entrepreneur Gazette, as well as numerous radio and podcast interviews. Using her unique blend of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy, she helps amazing women craft a brand that is legendary, iconic, and remarkable.

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Allyson Chavez

Allyson Chavez is a miracles and transformation mentor and energy practitioner, specializing in teaching others how to make miracles and transform their life. Using the SimplyHealed TM method of energy work, Allyson quickly locates the false, limiting beliefs that are holding people back and keeping them playing small in their life. By removing these blocks and then reprogramming the mindset from mediocrity to miracles, clients can much more quickly and easily hold the vibrations that lead to transformation, and ultimately create miracle after miracle after miracle. And by educating her clients about the correct way to use immutable universal laws of creation, they are empowered to live life on their terms.

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Shannon Watt

Shannon has been a successful entrepreneur her entire life, following her many passions. She’s created a thriving massage business, a paper-crafting business, and real estate investing before joining her husband Dino in creating The Business of Marriage training program. This unique program specializes in teaching successful business owners how to replicate their business success in their marriages to create more purpose, passion and play in their relationship. Their program helps thousands of couples to greatly enrich their relationships. Shannon enjoys being speaker, mentor and author and certified Language Expert. Shannon is married to her childhood sweetheart Dino and is blessed with 3 amazing teenagers. Shannon spends her free time writing fiction novels, traveling the globe and is an avid photographer.

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Sally Rutledge-Ott

Sally Rutledge-Ott, ACE, NFPC is the President & CEO of Ottsie, LLC, a Certified WomanOwned Supplier specializing in the construction industry, and is Managing Partner of Ott Electric, LLC, a full-service union electrical contractor in Illinois. Sally is the Regional Director for the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce for Illinois and Eastern Iowa. Sally has an Associate’s degree in Court and Convention Reporting and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Post graduate studies include Not-For-Profit Management, Organizational Management, Business Development and Business Law. Sally holds Certifications in Economic Development, Event Planning, Not-For-Profit Management and Strategic Planning. Ottsie, LLC holds Federal and National Certifications as a WOSB and NWEB for Nonprofit Organization.

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Felicia Slattery

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is on a mission to motivate, inspire and train experts, smart business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities to create meaningful connections through effective communication and public speaking. The best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” and “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking” is also the creator of the Signature Speech™ system and co-creator of Signature Speech & Webinar Wizard as well as an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning speaker. Felicia presents to audiences large and small on topics related to communication, speaking, and being a successful entrepreneur in spite of everything life can throw at you. As a cancer survivor, Felicia’s enthusiastic passion for communication is contagious because she knows that one important message delivered with power can transform a life.

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S. Yvon Harper

S. Yvon Harper, M.A., C.E.G., is known for her vibrant personality as she pursues her life’s purpose to motivate, inspire and coach individuals, savvy entrepreneurs, and successful CEOs to intelligently engage with their money on all levels. Yvon is CEO of Focus On Finance Inc., author of the well-received book “WAIT! What I’m I Thinking: Redefine, Realign and Redefine Your Life from the Inside Out” and the creator of the Clear Focus Money Training Series™. Yvon’s zealous achievements over financial setback leads her impassioned charge of hope for others as she shows them the true meaning of her motto “Get personal with your finances. ©” Together 25 joyful years her with husband Yvon is mother of four and grandmother of eight.

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Melissa LeBlanc

Melissa LeBlanc is the CEO and Founder of Healing for Wholeness, Certified SimplyHealed Energy Practitioner, Intuitive Success Coach, & Global Summit Host. She loves to spend quality time with her family laughing, camping, playing games, & making a difference. Her superpower is taking Mom’s in business (& Mom’s who want to be in biz) from HOTT MESS to SUCCESS so they can thrive on a daily basis in family, business and life. Melissa believes there are" 3 cores" that contribute to your current reality. #1 What you believe, #2 How you think & #3 your pattern of action. Mom’s if you’re stressed, broke, or broken she helps you change that. By working with you energetically, she connects you with your vision, clears limiting beliefs, behaviors, fears, & blocks keeping you stuck from achieving your short term goals and long term dreams. She gives you the tools to developing her infamous “millionaire mindset” so you can think in the same way as other highly successful people. She also help’s Mom’s create an actionable plan that works so they can experience a life & family experience of inner and outer success. Her mission is for you to live a life you love & leave a legacy of success! Get her FREE gift: “Money, Mindset, & Manifesting- developing the skillset so you can have it ALL” 3 hour Masterclass at her web site below

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Carolyn Cooper

With 20 years experience, Carolyn is a trailblazer in the energy healing movement. An international speaker and presenter, she shares her gift of breaking down complex information into easy and practical steps, to make energy healing more understandable and accessible. Students travel from around the world to learn her uniquely profound SimplyHealed Method. With an additional branch in Sydney, Australia, the SimplyHealed family continues to grow and change lives. Carolyn is passionate about helping small businesses succeed, so in addition to helping her own students create a healing practice through her Practitioner’s Business Course, she also presents interactive energy healing and Tai Chi workshops for companies/sales teams to increase creativity, productivity, and profits.

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Debbye Cannon

Debbye Cannon is the author of PEACE of PAPER®, Organizing Without Agonizing®, Wardrobe Wisdom, and numerous audio and video products. She has had a wide range of experience ranging from Girl Scout Leader/Trainer to Army Wife to radio personality. Her systems save time, space and energy to deliver prosperity and serenity to home and business each and almost every day. Debbye is the mother of two and the grandmother of four, all of whom live within walking distance of their home in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Debra Gordy

Debra Brown Gordy is The Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor TM & president of The Sophia Women’s Institute. For over thirty years, she has been guiding accomplished women who hunger for more love and personal fulfillment to create deeply loving marriages and fulfilling lives along with their professional success. As a relationship therapist, speaker, teacher, author and musician, Debra is known for connecting with audiences with her warmth, wit and real-life wisdom. She is the author of the forth-coming book, Cinderella Wisdom: A Woman’s Quest for Freedom, Happiness & Lasting Love, & creator of many deeply transformative programs for women including "Freeing the Heroine Within You to Flourish!"

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