Possibilities Do Exist Even If You Feel Stuck or Cynical

marniepehrsonred250Hi! I'm Marnie Pehrson. The day after my 28th wedding anniversary (August 21, 2013), I walked out of the Catoosa County, Georgia courthouse as a single woman. I'd spent 9 years longer married than I had single.

It took a lot of courage to leave that marriage because in my faith, we believe marriage can be forever. But, forever's a long time when you are miserable! In fact, when people would talk about forever marriages, I became cranky, cynical and annoyed. Forever in that marriage felt more like a sentence to hell than heaven.

One of the first steps in my journey to freedom happened years before I walked down those courthouse steps. I became friends with three fellow entrepreneurial women who were happily married. I had the opportunity to get to know their husbands and saw how they interacted as a couple. These couples modeled to me what a happy marriage, built on true kindness, caring, connection, friendship, trust, respect, shared values and love looks like. These couples showed me it was possible to be happy in a marriage. 

I didn't believe it was possible! You certainly can't set a course to a destination you don't believe exists!

Getting clear on what I wanted and becoming the person worthy of a relationship like the one I envisioned came next.

Because my journey began with 3 couples modeling to me what a happy marriage can be, I decided great role models could benefit every woman (single or married). This is why I'm excited to be bringing you wisdom from a group of successful women entrepreneurs sharing their happy marriage secrets.

This virtual summit and book entitled "Having It All: Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Happy Marriage Secrets" is for you if

  • You're cynical, you don't think happy marriages are possible or at least not likely.
  • You're someone like I was, who needs hope to believe in something better,
  • You're feeling stuck in your marriage, but still love your husband and would like it to be better.

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