Men and Money Connection

"How to Clear Up Your Men and Money Issues"

(Did you realize they're connected? They are!)

As a single woman in the dating world, I started noticing a pattern in the men I dated. I could easily find men to date, but the relationships all ended with me feeling used to some degree. I felt as if I had incredible value and a lot to give, but these men just weren't seeing it.

As I began exploring my men issues, a friend told me about the men-money connection. It seems that experts are confirming a link between the money problems women have with our men issues. Many women who struggle with money also struggle in relationships with men. Even if you have a good relationship with your man, if you are experiencing money problems, it could be that the relationship with your man could be improved. Or if your money situation is good, but you have men issues, it's possible that your financial situation could be even better.

As I explored my own men and money issues, I uncovered a startling relationship between the way men were treating me and how money was treating me. For example, some thinking patterns I had about men were ...

  • Men won't commit.
  • Men won't do what it takes to be with me.
  • Men can't be trusted. They won't come through for me when I need them most.
  • I had a habit of over-investing in men who wouldn't return the investment.
  • My love life was one big roller coaster ride.

As I looked at my business and money, I saw a similar pattern.

  • I had people who were interested in my services but who wouldn't commit.
  • People weren't doing what it took to work with me, even though I could offer them serious positive results.
  • I felt I couldn't trust money to be there for me when I needed it most.
  • I also had a bad habit of over delivering and giving people WAY too much service for small investments on their end.
  • As a result my cash flow had become a roller coaster ride.

Once I saw the connecting pattern, I acted fast. I made a monster list of all the beliefs, feelings, and negative results I was experiencing with both men and money. I then turned those around and came up with a list of over 80 positive affirmations. I recorded those as an audio, set them to Baroque music for optimal brain absorption and began listening to them daily.

The results were powerful, immediate and created significant shifts in both my business and the types of men I began attracting. I entered a relationship that was much better than any I had had in the past. Even though that relationship didn't last, it taught me a lot about valuing myself, about the importance of communication, and not settling for less than what you know you want. 

In time, the relationship I had envisioned became mine, in a wonderful, miraculous way. 

When I mentioned my results on the Online Business Reality Show, my co-host, Sue Painter, and our viewers suggested I make these affirmations available to women with similar challenges.

That's why I've produced my

"Improve Your Relationships with Men and Money Affirmations"

In this MP3 and PDF you'll be able to listen to the same affirmations I'm listening to
and receive all 81 affirmations in a PDF file.

Listen to this audio at least once a day and watch your men
and money relationships improve!

 Here's a quick, painless solution to your men and money problems.

Improve Your Relationships With Men & Money - Marnie's Version

In this MP3 and PDF you'll be able to listen to the same affirmations I'm listening to and receive all 81 affirmations in a PDF file.

kristine farley"Marnie Pehrson's, Improve Your Relationships With Men & Money Affirmations, is inspiring. I have been listening to it for over a month, 3 to 5 days a week, as a part of my personal devotions and study time. My relationship with my sweetheart of 17 years is even better than it was and has a different ease that has blessed both of us. My confidence about money, my worth and business has increased. I have highly reccommended it to my adult daughters, and to friends and clients. Thanks Marnie for these excellent affirmations!"
- Kristine Farley


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