road to happiness is simply a choice

Simply Happy Now

One day in November of 2015, I was sitting over at my sister’s house for a bit. My 4-year-old nephew Joel (her grandson) got in trouble for something and had a toy taken away. He was not happy. He started to cry and got very upset.

Then he said something like, “I’m not happy. I want to be happy.”

On a dime, Joel started jumping up and down as if something wonderful happened. I watched him closely and from that point forward he was happy as a lark and moved on to doing something else.

This caused me to ask myself, “How much power do we have to control our Happy?

That same day was a rough one for me. It was spiraling downward fast. Then I thought of Joel and said, “I’m not happy. I want to be happy.” I put on a smile, jumped up and down and I felt amazingly better throughout the rest of the day. Thank you Joel!

Choosing A Theme for 2016

People have been telling me what their word or theme is for 2016. One friend is “prosperity,” another is “ease and flow.” I like both of those. I really hadn’t given much thought to selecting a word this year. I’ve been dealing with some health issues, and it’s a challenge some days to concentrate on my work. I have been more frustrated than happy. I feel like I’m not me. I’m a do-er and my ability to “do” has diminished.

There are really good things in my life, but it seems I can’t fully enjoy them because I’m spending what little energy I have trying to keep up with everything or stressing over the things I can’t fix or can’t accomplish.

Perhaps you know the feeling. Have you ever felt like life is forcing you to rest, but there are so many demands on you, you can’t? Sometimes I’d like to go live on a tiny island with my husband, eat fruit from trees, and have no one to answer to. Sigh…

My priorities have changed significantly of late. I used to want “abundance,” but now I have decided simplicity is my abundance. Give me a simple life, with the fewest things to be responsible for. Give me an abundance of peace of mind, happiness, time to enjoy my husband and family, and freedom to visit my children and grandbabies.

road to happiness is simply a choiceSimplicity. This morning I almost chose that word for 2016.

That didn’t feel quite right.

Then I decided “Happiness” would be a better word.  As I learned from Joel, happiness is a choice. I can choose happiness anytime I want, IF I have the courage to do so.

Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that for me the road to happiness has a lot to do with Simplicity. Happiness is found in the simple things. If I look for it there, I’m bound to find it.

Want to Join Me?

So my theme for 2016 is Simply Happy Now. I’ve decided I’m going to post my Simply Happy moments to my Facebook wall using the hashtag #SimplyHappyNow. You’re welcome to follow me on Facebook and see what I discover. I hope you’ll join me in choosing simple happiness in the NOW. If you’d like, share your moments with the #SimplyHappyNow hashtag on social media and let’s see how much happiness we can create together in 2016.

I’ll blog the highlights here.