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Newlywed Chronicles: It’s All About the Menu

I've been single for the last 2 years and before that my first husband and I were more like roommates who did our own thing. Being married again for a whopping 6 weeks is a bit of an adjustment. It's a happy adjustment, but still an adjustment.

The main thing is meals. It seems like my entire day revolves around what I'm going to make for dinner tonight. This isn't anything my husband or new step-daughter expect or demand. Those two have been eating out almost every day for who knows how long. So they are grateful for anything I give them.

It's their gratitude for a home cooked meal that makes mealtime so fun. That, and sitting around talking about our day and listening to Chris spin yarns about his colorful past or present.

Combine these two, and I can't resist making new recipes. Pinterest is a treasure trove. My daughter Jillian started collecting and making recipes before she left for college. When she made something we liked, she'd add it to her "Made and Liked" board. After she left, I kept up the habit ... making more of the recipes she'd found, finding some of my own, and then adding the winners to the "Made and Liked" board.

The downside is I've put on some pounds! They talk about the "Freshman Fifteen."  Jillian hasn't accumulated them, but I have! Ouch! Time to hit the gym harder, find lower calorie meals, and not make so many desserts!