road to happiness is simply a choice

Simply Happy Now

One day in November of 2015, I was sitting over at my sister’s house for a bit. My 4-year-old nephew Joel (her grandson) got in trouble for something and had a toy taken away. He was not happy. He started to cry and got very upset.

Then he said something like, “I’m not happy. I want to be happy.”

On a dime, Joel started jumping up and down as if something wonderful happened. I watched him closely and from that point forward he was happy as a lark and moved on to doing something else.

This caused me to ask myself, “How much power do we have to control our Happy?

That same day was a rough one for me. It was spiraling downward fast. Then I thought of Joel and said, “I’m not happy. I want to be happy.” I put on a smile, jumped up and down and I felt amazingly better throughout the rest of the day. Thank you Joel!

Choosing A Theme for 2016

People have been telling me what their word or theme is for 2016. One friend is “prosperity,” another is “ease and flow.” I like both of those. I really hadn’t given much thought to selecting a word this year. I’ve been dealing with some health issues, and it’s a challenge some days to concentrate on my work. I have been more frustrated than happy. I feel like I’m not me. I’m a do-er and my ability to “do” has diminished.

There are really good things in my life, but it seems I can’t fully enjoy them because I’m spending what little energy I have trying to keep up with everything or stressing over the things I can’t fix or can’t accomplish.

Perhaps you know the feeling. Have you ever felt like life is forcing you to rest, but there are so many demands on you, you can’t? Sometimes I’d like to go live on a tiny island with my husband, eat fruit from trees, and have no one to answer to. Sigh…

My priorities have changed significantly of late. I used to want “abundance,” but now I have decided simplicity is my abundance. Give me a simple life, with the fewest things to be responsible for. Give me an abundance of peace of mind, happiness, time to enjoy my husband and family, and freedom to visit my children and grandbabies.

road to happiness is simply a choiceSimplicity. This morning I almost chose that word for 2016.

That didn’t feel quite right.

Then I decided “Happiness” would be a better word.  As I learned from Joel, happiness is a choice. I can choose happiness anytime I want, IF I have the courage to do so.

Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that for me the road to happiness has a lot to do with Simplicity. Happiness is found in the simple things. If I look for it there, I’m bound to find it.

Want to Join Me?

So my theme for 2016 is Simply Happy Now. I’ve decided I’m going to post my Simply Happy moments to my Facebook wall using the hashtag #SimplyHappyNow. You’re welcome to follow me on Facebook and see what I discover. I hope you’ll join me in choosing simple happiness in the NOW. If you’d like, share your moments with the #SimplyHappyNow hashtag on social media and let’s see how much happiness we can create together in 2016.

I’ll blog the highlights here.


Earl of Grantham Gets Marriage Advice from His Mother Violet

Marriage Advice from The Countess of Grantham

Maggie Smith playing Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith plays the Countess of Grantham (aka Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham) on Downton Abbey

Countess of Grantham: “You’ve been talking to Isabel….”

Earl of Grantham: “I have been talking to Cora”

Countess of Grantham: “That is a mistake.”

Lord Grantham: “You can’t expect me to avoid talking to my own wife.”

Countess of Grantham: “Why not? I know several couples who are very happy who haven’t spoken in years.”

Okay, so not the best marriage advice in the world, but you have to admit, she lets loose some zingers!

Watch Downton Abbey Season 6, Episode 3 here.

don't act out of fear, wait and listen instead.

Bouncing Back from Setbacks

karonthackston2In 2012, Google changes decimated my business overnight. At the time, the bulk of my multi-six-figure-revenue came from an article marketing directory I’d created back in 1998 (IdeaMarketers). Literally from one day to the next, my business was destroyed. But I wasn’t the only one. Other people were affected by this change. One of them was Karon Thackston of Marketing Words. The loss of article marketing, affected 50% of her business revenues.

As I interviewed Karon for my upcoming book on “Having It All,” I asked her how she handles bouncing back from setbacks — whether those setbacks are in your marriage or in your business.

I loved her perspective and wisdom. I think anyone who is dealing with a major setback would find her insights helpful.

You may listen to this segment of my interview with Karon here:



don't act out of fear, wait and listen instead.To summarize, here’s what Karon did:

  1. Got an assurance she was supposed to continue her business.
  2. Remained determined – “Failure was not an option,” she said.
  3. Consulted specialized experts to fill knowledge-gaps in her business.
  4. Trusted there is an answer and looked for opportunities to open.
  5. Pursued opportunities and relationships that would enhance her business.
  6. Made a plan to develop X number of new products in a year – going from inception to launch.
  7. Worked her plan.
  8. Delegated as her business started growing again.

“It always works better if I decide not to act out of fear but wait and listen.” – Karon Thackston

Allyson and Jeremy Chavez, married 19 years

Intimacy Can Improve Your Business

One of the questions I'm asking all the entrepreneurial women I'm interviewing is about intimacy. What tips, suggestions or thoughts do you have about sex in marriage? For the men reading this, you might be asking, "How to get my wife to be more sexually active?" Or if you're a woman, you might be wondering, "how can I enjoy sex more with my husband?"

I thought Allyson Chavez had some interesting insights for women -- especially career women. Her suggestion, "Be intimate a lot. Successful women entrepreneurs are in a ton of masculine energy. Intimacy for us is very feminine. It's very vulnerable. We have to be open. We have to get into that feminine power. The feminine energy is just as powerful as the masculine energy."

Audio Version:


Shortened Video Version:

Get the full interview with Allyson as well as 19 other entrepreneurial women sharing their happy marriage secrets here.


allyson chavezAllyson Chavez is a miracles and transformation mentor and energy practitioner, specializing in teaching others how to make miracles and transform their life. Using the SimplyHealed TM method of energy work, Allyson quickly locates the false, limiting beliefs that are holding people back and keeping them playing small in their life. By removing these blocks and then reprogramming the mindset from mediocrity to miracles, clients can much more quickly and easily hold the vibrations that lead to transformation, and ultimately create miracle after miracle after miracle. And by educating her clients about the correct way to use immutable universal laws of creation, they are empowered to live life on their terms. Visit Allyson at


Boundaries & Rules in Family Life

One of the questions I’m asking the successful women entrepreneurs I’m interviewing for the summit and book is, “Do you have rules or boundaries in your marriage and family?”

A few days ago, I interviewed Courtney Beardall and asked her this question. You can listen to Courtney’s 2-minute reply here:


I loved her delightful list of “family rules.”

  1. Be thankful.
  2. Pay with hugs and kisses
  3. Do your best.
  4. Try new things.
  5. Be happy.
  6. Use kind words.
  7. Laugh all the time.
  8. Share.
  9. Listen to your parents.
  10. Say please and thank you.
  11. Trust God.
  12. Remember to always pray
  13. Love each other.


What rules or boundaries do you set in your marriage and family?

courtney beardallCourtney Beardall lives with her family in Northern Wyoming. If you don’t find her in her healing room, you will find her on a mountain top with her kids or exploring something new. Learning is a life long process and she is always looking for new and better ways to incorporate science, biology and spiritual laws.

She is the creator of Investigating health, an energy modality that incorporates all aspects of the human body, including hormones, chemicals, structure, physiology and behavioral disorders. She teaches online courses in energy healing. Visit her at

Jennifer and Patrick Youngblood

When Two Strong Willed Entrepreneurs Are Married

Jennifer YoungbloodMy friends Jennifer and Patrick Youngblood are one of the three couples who modeled to me what a great marriage looks like. These two are both very opinionated and strong-willed. They’re also both successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Jennifer is a bestselling author and Patrick is one of the most brilliant branding/packaging/marketing minds I know.

While interviewing Jennifer today for the summit and book, I got a good laugh out of her answer to my question about communication tips. At one point she said,

“My husband is the most persuasive man on the planet. If we have a disagreement and we start discussing it, I tell him, ‘Look, I don’t care how right you sound, I know I’m right.’ He can convince anyone of anything, so I’m like, ‘I don’t care! I know you sound right, but I’m right.'”

Want to hear Jennifer talk about communication? Listen below:


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