How Would You Describe Your Marital Situation?

Whether you're single and wanting to marry or whether you're happily married, struggling or stuck, the "Having It All: Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Happy Marriage Secrets" Virtual Summit has something for you.

Joseph and Nicole Dean

Joseph and Nicole Dean

Up Today: Intimacy in Marriage

17 entrepreneurial women get vulnerable about intimacy. They discuss everything from how they learned to communicate openly about sex with their husbands, overcame low libido issues, use intimacy with their husbands to boost their businesses, and more. Nicole Dean even shares how for her "Sex is like sushi."

To get started, click the link below that best describes your marital situation, sign up for our summit audios, and you'll be listening to these fun, informative audio clips within minutes.

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  • Patrick & Jennifer Youngblood, married 25 years

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