How Would You Describe Your Marital Situation?

Whether you're single and wanting to marry or whether you're happily married, struggling or stuck, the "Having It All: Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Happy Marriage Secrets" Virtual Summit has something for you.

In order to direct you to the best material, please select which situation best describes your situation:

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Cynical and/or Stuck

You haven't seen too many happy marriages & doubt if they're even possible.

  • Perhaps you're stuck in a miserable marriage or
  • maybe you've gone through a divorce,
  • watched your parents or other family/friends divorce, or
  • have been single so long you wonder if there are any decent men out there.

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Troubled or Challenged

Your relationship is experiencing some issues or challenges. You still love your husband, but things aren't good and you aren't quite sure how to fix them.

You'd love to know how to make things better or get past these hurdles.

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Happy But Could Always Use Ideas

You would consider yourself happily married most of the time. Sure, every couple has issues, their good days and bad.

You'd love ideas for smoothing out the rough patches and keeping your marriage growing stronger day by day.

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  • Patrick & Jennifer Youngblood, married 25 years

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