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Looking For That Steamy Romance?

I think most women long for instant passionate “gotta have you” steamy romance. I’ve had some of that and I’ll admit it can be fun for a time. But, not until I married Chris have I known what it’s like to have such admiration and rich respect for a man that it magnified my ability to love and be attracted to him.

They say women want to be loved and men crave respect. I realize every human being deserves respect. But I don’t think I ever fully loved until I was able to so easily respect and admire a man because he’s just a good, good man.

This mutual love and respect combined with a deep desire to contribute to each other’s happiness makes that flashy stuff of romance novels pale in comparison.

If I could give any advice to single women it would be to take a good assessment of what makes you respect a man. What attributes and personality traits engender your respect? Look for someone who possesses those characteristics.

Red hot instant attraction often clouds our judgement about whether someone is a good fit for us. So keep the physical contact to a minimum in the early stages so you can keep a clear head.

And give that really good guy (who you might not be instantly head-over-heels for) a little more time to get to know him. That “red hot romance” could develop out of a true connection and mutual respect.

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