Newlywed Chronicles: Moving Weekend

We moved to a new house over the weekend. It’s a fresh start for my new husband and me. The idea of moving took some getting used to because it meant moving away from my dream property that I designed and built my house on 18 years ago.

Once I acclimated to the idea of moving, I approached the move with curiosity, just going with the flow and seeing how it went. I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel. Whatever it might be, I was ready to get it done and have a solid foundation under my life instead of feeling like I was in limbo.

I must say I’m enjoying the new house. Chris is very happy having his own workspace in the garage and a home that feels like it’s his to fix and putter around in.

For me, I think the other night sums it up best. After a busy day of Chris, the boys and me working to settle into the house, we sat down to watch Mocking Jay 2. I looked at my husband and sons and thought, “this is how a family should be.”

For the first time since we married it felt like we were a real, cohesive family, working together, relaxing together — united. It became real. Being in a home that’s all of ours (not one that was mine first) has given us the opportunity to work together to make this house our home. It’s united us.

Yes, I think I’m going to like this…

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