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Newlywed Chronicles: A New Home

If you remarry, should you move to a new home with your new spouse? Many experts recommend that if you're beginning a new marriage you should begin it in a new home that is just yours together.

While I have loved living on 24 acres next door to my sister's family for the last 18 years, it's time to move on and start fresh.

Chris wants a place that's just his and mine; and frankly, I wouldn't want to live in a house he'd lived in with his ex-wife. So I certainly can't blame him. I'm thinking letting go of the old memories would be good for me too.

The home we're moving to is smaller than the one we have now, but there are lots of things I really like about it.

  • It's more affordable.
  • It's got real hardwood floors throughout the first floor and tile in the kitchen.
  • I like the roomy kitchen and while the cabinets are dated, that's a project for the future, and Chris loves projects.
  • It has a garage (which we don't have in our current house).
  • There's a man cave area in the garage for Chris to work on his projects.
  • The yard is fenced and will by nice for Snow (our Great Pyrenees).
  • There's a cool area for a Zen garden.
  • Best of all, it doesn't have the 1/2 mile dirt road from hell or the massive flooding problem that we have in our current home.

Since the house is smaller, it's a great opportunity to simplify my life and let go of the junk we've collected over the last 18 years. The thought of sorting through it all is feels overwhelming, but I'm trusting it's all working out for the best in the end. 



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