don't act out of fear, wait and listen instead.

Bouncing Back from Setbacks

karonthackston2In 2012, Google changes decimated my business overnight. At the time, the bulk of my multi-six-figure-revenue came from an article marketing directory I’d created back in 1998 (IdeaMarketers). Literally from one day to the next, my business was destroyed. But I wasn’t the only one. Other people were affected by this change. One of them was Karon Thackston of Marketing Words. The loss of article marketing, affected 50% of her business revenues.

As I interviewed Karon for my upcoming book on “Having It All,” I asked her how she handles bouncing back from setbacks — whether those setbacks are in your marriage or in your business.

I loved her perspective and wisdom. I think anyone who is dealing with a major setback would find her insights helpful.

You may listen to this segment of my interview with Karon here:



don't act out of fear, wait and listen instead.To summarize, here’s what Karon did:

  1. Got an assurance she was supposed to continue her business.
  2. Remained determined – “Failure was not an option,” she said.
  3. Consulted specialized experts to fill knowledge-gaps in her business.
  4. Trusted there is an answer and looked for opportunities to open.
  5. Pursued opportunities and relationships that would enhance her business.
  6. Made a plan to develop X number of new products in a year – going from inception to launch.
  7. Worked her plan.
  8. Delegated as her business started growing again.

“It always works better if I decide not to act out of fear but wait and listen.” – Karon Thackston

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